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Are you suffering from malocclusion and finding a way to treat the condition? Let us know today! Dental Health Punta Cana specializes in braces and cleaner aligners (Invisalign) treatments, offering them at the most affordable prices. Consider reaching out to us to easily improve your facial outlook and chew food. Readout below to know more about the treatment.

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What Is Orthodontic Treatment?

It is common for many people to suffer from incorrect positioning of their teeth, especially when their mouths are closed. In scientific terms, they suffer from a condition called malocclusion that requires proper braces or clear aligners treatment to help your teeth get back into shape. There are many different types of orthodontics treatments. The most common ones amongst them are as follows:

Many people suffer from wide gaps between their teeth. These gaps can be natural or may have been caused by some accident. Such gaps can be filled by orthodontics treatment.

Sometimes, the tips of the teeth are not properly aligned. Therefore, it is important to get them treated to make your appearance look catchy. At Dental Health Punta Cana, we can treat these issues through orthodontics treatment.

Some people are not able to speak clearly. The tongue may slip against the teeth, and achieving certain mouth positions and postures may not be possible. Therefore, orthodontics treatment is considered the most suitable method to make them feel better.

 If the mouth does not close properly, it can become difficult to chew the food or eat. Orthodontic treatment can help improve your facial alignment, making it possible to chew easily and consume foods better.

Teeth trauma is common if the teeth remain unaligned for a long-time. Plus, you may develop certain gum infections and teeth issues due to the constant rubbing/ friction of the teeth. Therefore, the better option is to protect your oral health by getting your teeth aligned through braces or clear aligners.

Many people face opening in their teeth based on their bite between different sections that can be leveled through orthodontics treatment.

Types of Orthodontic Treatment We Provide

Dental Health Punta Cana specializes in two different types of orthodontics treatments. 

Cleaner aligners provide an effective alternative to braces. Here, the focus is on gradual force to move the teeth. However, no metal wires or brackets are used in this process. Plus, aligners must be worn for at least 22 hours daily to get the desired results. They are easier to clean, are removable, and ensure maximum comfortable wearing. Plus, the teeth don’t grind against each other when cleaner aligners are worn.

Braces usually use wires, bands, and brackets to ensure that everything is firmly held together. Here, the focus is on keeping your teeth held tightly together to slowly fix them in the new position.

Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

Orthodontics is one of the most sought-after dental treatments. The main reason is that the treatment offers considerable benefits to the patient. We have listed the main benefits of the treatment below:

It is common for people to be self-conscious about their appearance and try every method possible to look the best version of themselves. For this purpose, orthodontics treatment helps boost their self-confidence and makes them look the best.

Orthodontics is one of the very few dental treatments that are not age-restricted. Instead, it can benefit any patient who needs the treatment at any age. Both young and old patients can have their teeth realigned through the treatment.

Invisalign ensures that your jaw alignment can be enhanced, and the risks of any such treatment are reduced to the minimum. Plus, your oral hygiene becomes exceptionally enhanced, allowing you to avoid infections and prevent any lasting teeth damage.

Orthodontics Treatment Process

Ensuring that our patients are on board with the treatments we provide is extremely important. For this purpose, the complete process of the orthodontics treatment is presented below. Consider the treatment details and let us know if you are ready to get on board with it.

Usually, we provide the consultation online to patients coming in from other countries to ensure that the actual treatment process is limited to a single visit. Here, your teeth x-rays are examined, and some impressions may be required. Plus, photos of your face, mouth, and smile may be needed as well. This information helps determine the actual time required for the braces/ clear aligner placement.

If you opt for braces treatment, the teeth are cleaned to remove any bacteria and fungal buildup. Otherwise, it could be trapped inside and damage the teeth. The metal brackets are attached to teach the tooth through bonding glue. After placing a wire through the brackets, rubber bands are used to secure it. The procedure can cause discomfort, and the pain may last a few days. However, it is completely normal.

Braces treatment may require a few visits. Here, the doctor will check if the braces are correctly in place. Next, the teeth realigning is checked to judge the adjustments needed.

Once your teeth have been under the constant force of the braces, they can be removed. The removal process is gentle to avoid any breakage or cracking of the teeth underneath. After the braces are removed, our dentist will success a retainer for you to use. This retainer helps keep the teeth in place and avoid losing alignment again.

Why Choose Dental Health Punta Cana for Orthodontic Treatment?

Dental Health Punta Cana is the first choice of patients inside the Dominican Republic and in major world economies such as the US, Canada, and the US for all their orthodontics treatments. Many celebrities and known personalities have trusted us with their braces and clear aligners treatment over the years. Some of the prime reasons for selecting us over other providers is as follows:

We have been performing orthodontics treatment for the past several. Our field experience ensures that all patients receive the best treatment with positive results.

Our team is well-versed in providing Invisalign treatment, the new standard for high-end teeth alignment and adjustment. Plus, we have the required machinery and equipment to perform such services successfully.

Braces require regular visits to get everything adjusted and ensure that the treatment progresses correctly. Dental Health Punta Cana makes such regular visits economical as we offer the most affordable prices.

To date, all our clients have been highly satisfied with the treatments we provide. Our dental treatments are the best option for everyone, from improved appearance to enhanced oral health.

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