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Broken teeth can be a huge problem for your appearance and outlook. Plus, they can lead to severe discomfort during chewing and eating. Don’t worry! With Dental Health Punta Cana’s crown treatment, get your damaged teeth ends replaced with caps to protect your oral health and enhance your outlook. Contact Dental Health Punta Cana today for the most effective and affordable crown treatment. We offer all types of dental crowns here in the Dominican Republic.

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What is Dental Crown Treatment?

Dental crown treatment involves artificial teeth caps being placed on your teeth to ensure protection, coverage, and recovery of the shape of your teeth. Mostly, it is the preferred treatment if dental filling can not provide an effective solution for the teeth’ appearance. Currently, many different materials of dental crowns are available in the market. People who can benefit from crown treatment include:

Our natural teeth ends can break in a severe impact due to accidents or falls. Similarly, many sportsmen may require such treatment in case of injuries to their teeth on the field. Such categories involve boxers and mixed martial artists as well.

Crowns can help protect your teeth from decay or breakage. The insides are protected with a solid cap on the teeth, and the teeth are held together, avoiding breakage.

Getting a dental bridge installed is time-consuming and costly. Therefore, patients are always looking to hold the dental bridge in place and avoid constant misplacement. Crowns can help ensure that the dental bridge stays in its place.

There are many reasons why patients may prefer dental crown treatment to cover their teeth. Suffering from extreme discoloration, having recently received dental implants, or getting a root canal treatment are often the common reasons why teeth are covered for the next few months.

Benefits of Dental Crown Treatment

Over the years, we have noticed many benefits of the dental crown treatment provided by Dental Health Punta Cana. Below are some of the biggest benefits that our customers experienced after the treatment.

Getting complete teeth replacement is expensive and inconvenient for many people. Therefore, crown treatment is the better option for protecting and supporting their teeth from excessive decay and damage. In essence, the crown treatment enhances the longevity of your natural teeth.

Some oral conditions, eating habits, and work environments can lead to progressive teeth damage unless proper steps prevent this progression. Crowns can cover your teeth and provide considerable protection from such issues.

Everyone wishes to look the best version of themselves. If your teeth have shaping issues or are discolored, you can always count on the crown treatment provided by Dental Health Punta Cana to enhance your appearance.

Most dental treatments last only a few years and require constant replacements during a person’s lifetime. For example, you may need a replacement every few years with dentures. However, dental crowns can last for up to 15 years with proper maintenance. Consequently, the treatment provides maximum value and comfort to the patient.

Different Crown Materials

We have both Zirconium and Graphene dental crowns here at Dental Health Punta Cana. Both types of dental crowns have certain fundamental differences that are discussed below:

The artificial stone used in Zirconium crowns has an 8.5 Mohs scale rating, testifying to its sturdiness and reliability for dental procedures. The harness of Zirconium crowns ensures that the replacement cap on your teeth does not break when chewing food or eating anything. Additionally, the material is unreactive. Therefore, cola, food items, and other related intakes won’t damage the crown, ensuring maximum durability.

This carbon allotrope is used in the CAM-based production of dental structures, including fine crowns for teeth procedures. Graphene offers a natural aesthetic look, ensuring that the final procedure produces the most satisfactory results. Currently, it is used for treatments to ensure the fastest service provision.

This crown offers greater adhesion than normal porcelain because it is tied to a metal structure. It also has great durability. They are currently widely used by the dentist specializing in dental aesthetics since it offers many aesthetic advantages, such as: color stability, low thermal conductivity, high resistance and maximum biocompatibility. . The transparency of the ceramic imitates the natural tooth and allows to achieve a very aesthetic result

Dental Crown Treatment Process

At Dental Health Punta Cana, our team of skilled dentists uses specialized equipment incorporating CAD/ CAM methods to provide same-day dental crown treatments. Consider the usual process we follow for most treatments. Note that the process can vary on a case-to-case basis:

First, the dentist will work on removing any decay from your teeth. In some cases, a root canal treatment is required in this case. Here, the focus is to check for infections and ensure that the tooth’s pulp has no injury. 

Crown receiving teeth have to be reshaped to make enough space for permanent and sturdy installation of the crown. The actual reshaping required depends on the material of crowns selected. Some crowns require less space than others.

In all cases, the software may be directly used to take the images and create a 3D model using CAD technology. This impression is then used with the CAD/ CAM technology to produce the crowns installed on your teeth. The biggest benefit is that the crown gets prepared in under 15 minutes.

The permanent crown is placed on all the teeth receiving the replacement. If you have a temporary crown already placed, it is removed during the process. A local anesthetic may reduce any pain and sudden movements during the process.

Why Choose Dental Health Punta Cana for Your Crown Treatment?

Over the years, Dental Health Punta Cana has made a name for itself due to its high-quality dental crown treatments. There are many reasons why patients from the US, Canada, and all across the world prefer our treatment, including:

Only a few clinics across the Dominican Republic use CAD/ CAM methods to provide single visit dental crown treatments, us being one of them. Therefore, you get the highest quality treatment in minimal time and lowest costs.

We provide both Porcelain, Zirconium and Graphene-based dental crown treatments, offering the patient a chance to select the material of their choice.

 Each dentist providing crown treatments at Dental Health Punta Can have completed numerous crown replacements. Therefore, they have the right skills and expertise to ensure the highest treatment quality.

We never shy off from going out of our way to help any patient requiring after-treatment services. Reach out to us for your follow-up checkup at any time.


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