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Check Out the Complete Range of Treatments Offered by Dental Health Punta Cana In the Dominican Republic at Affordable Prices. Comprehensive treatments have been one of our founding principles. Therefore, you will find an extensive range of dental treatments below. Contact our team today to get the best treatments at minimal prices.

High Quality Dental Services

Get the best dental treatments at minimal prices from Dental Health Punta Care. Hundreds of patients get treated here in the US and Canada each year. Don’t miss out on the opportunity: Contact today!

Dental Implants

Our dental implant treatments are acclaimed for their quality and longevity.


We offer veneers of many different materials, including porcelain, ceramic and composite veneers.

All On Four

The modern All On Four Bridget permanent treatment offers an extensive and useful solution for dental problems


We offer both Zirconium, Graphene and other types of crowns for treatment.


We offer both traditional braces and clear aligner treatment for our local and foreign patients.

Dentist for Kids

Our dental treatment for kids consists of specialized treatments with a certified child dentist and individual kids area to ensure the best service quality.

Teeth Whitening

Our team focuses on finding the right balance between natural methods to ensure the best shine on your teeth.

Facial Cosmetics

Facial Cosmetics is a highly technical service that requires precise consideration of the service performance method to ensure positive results.

Teeth Cleaning

Professional teeth cleaning can extend your tooth life considerably.

Glutathione and Vitamin C

Dental Health Punta Cana administers glutathione and intravenous infusion based on vitamin C to speed up your dental healing.

General Dentistry

We offer other general dental care treatments, including endodontics, periodontics, and many more

Why Choose Us?

Our dental Dominican Republic team is well-suited to serve patients from the US, Canada, and other foreign nations due to a range of factors, including:

Most team members have trained, studied, and worked abroad, enhancing their experience into modern methods, skills, and techniques for dental service provision.

Fluency in English speaking removes any communication barriers with foreign clients, enhancing service quality to the maximum.

We believe in a patient-first approach. Our dentist spends considerable time with the patient before the treatment, focusing on their issues and determining the best treatment options.

Fair pricing is at the forefront of our corporate policy. Despite offering a service quality comparable, if not better, to first-world nations, our prices are significantly lower, making the treatment more affordable for the patients.

For Dental Health Punta Cana, the patient comes first. Every dental service we provide focuses on ensuring the maximum quality and durability of the outcome. Furthermore, we are always ready to go out of our way to ensure the maximum satisfaction of our clients. For example, foreign clients in the Dominican Republic are offered free transportation to and from the Dental Health clinic to ensure their convenience. 

A very few dental care providers in the Dominican Republic can have served more dental patients successfully compared to Dental Health Punta Cana. Over the years, we have garnered respect and admiration from numerous patients from around the globe due to our service quality and accuracy. Currently, we boast hundreds of testimonials from happy and satisfied clients from the US, Canada, and elsewhere.

We ensure the legality of our practice as the prime determinant of our quality. While many dental clinics in Punta Cana and the Dominican Republic, in general, are running without a proper license, we are an officially and formally recognized dental clinic. All our health professionals are formally trained with proper certifications testifying their skills, knowledge, and tenacity in handling your dental issues. We offer complete transparency and can provide the registration/ recognition details upon request.


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    More Popular Treatments

    Dental Implants

    Get affordable dental implant treatments performed by trained professionals at Dental Health Punta Cana.


    We offer veneers of many different materials, including porcelain, ceramic and composite veneers.

    All on Four

    The treatment comes with a 10-year warranty, testifying our service quality to the maximum.


    We offer both Zirconium, Graphene, Porcelain and other types of crowns for the treatment.

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