We Create Smiles of Happiness to Our Patients

Dental Health Punta Cana focuses on providing the best dental treatments to local and foreign patients in the Dominican Republic. Our dentist, Dominican Republic team, consists of trained and skilled professionals who have worked abroad and gained considerable insight into the modern techniques and methods, enhancing our service quality to the maximum. Read ahead to find out more about our firm.

About Our Clinic

Dental Health offers a more modern, semi-hospital-style premise with proper waiting rooms, reception areas, and offices to maximize our patients instead of traditional check-only clinics. We currently specialize in most dental treatments for both adults and children. Therefore, our office has designated spaces for children. These spaces have been designed to personalize the treatment and consultation experience to the minor audience, making it more fun, interesting, and engaging than the regular treatment options. Making you comfortable and feel at home is important to ensure a familial and convenient environment for service provision.

Multiple Areas to Satisfy Our Patients

We are dedicated to ensuring the maximum level of care for our local and foreign patients, even if it means going out of our way.

Our team focuses on providing exceptional patient care comparable to the levels received in the US and Canada. Caring for our patients and keeping them satisfied/ comfortable is much more important than generating revenue. After all, the medical profession serves humanity, and we believe in taking this service to the next level. Currently, our patient care is based on a few main factors which make it comfortable for foreign clients from the US and Canada to opt for our treatments:

We offer transportation to and from our dental clinic if you arrive in the Dominican Republic to get treated by our professionals. Our team will ensure professional pick and drop treatments and enhance your convenience to the maximum during your stay.

A major issue foreigners face seeking treatment abroad is the language barrier. To break these barriers to effective communication, we hire multi-lingual staff to ensure the best service quality. Our team members are fluent in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and German, amongst other languages.

As a foreigner, you are our patient and our guest in the Dominican Republic. Our team offers free advice on the best tourist spots to visit after your treatment, including the lavish beaches.

We understand that emergency medical treatments may be required at any time. To enhance convenience for potential patients, we offer 24/7 availability, even during most public and official holidays.

We Always Provide The Best Service For Patients


Dental Health Punta Cana was established to focus on providing the best quality dental treatments in the Dominican Republic. Over the years, our professionalism, discipline, and attention to detail with each patient have developed our reputation as the prime provider in the dental industry. One aspect that separates Dental Health Punta Cana from most competitors is modern technology, including 3D CAD/ CAM methods, in our service provision. Such technology is still scarce in the Dominican Republic, giving Dental Health Punta Cana a pioneering role in service provision through these methods.

2K+ Satisfied Patient

Guaranteed Quality

Certified Dentist

Quick Services

Our Origins and Leadership

Dental Health Punta Cana is the brainchild of the mother-daughter duo Dr. Dinarda Vargas and Dr. Nathalie Rodriguez Vargas, both well-established, recognized, and reputed names in the dental industry for many years. Both dentists have made a name for themselves due to their focus on sustainable, specialized, and comprehensive dental service provision in the Dominican Republic. The collective field experience of the duo spans over several decades, making them the suitable choice to lead such a high-end and influential project.

We offer high-quality, safe, and effective dental treatments to local and foreign patients in the Dominican Republic from the US, Canada, and other first-world nations.

Building a dental Dominican Republic team whose skills, talents, and field experience can help promote medical tourism in the Dominican Republic from first-world countries. Our Core Values / Philosophy


For us, seeing our patients happy, satisfied, and exuberant after receiving our dental treatments is the gauge of our success. Therefore, our team never shies off from going out of its way to provide you with the best service quality.

We believe that medical tourism in the Dominican Republic can only improve if fair and transparent treatments are offered to patients from abroad. Therefore, we place a significant focus on setting the right expectations about the results of the proposed treatment.

Our dental Dominican Republic team understands that the global dental industry is highly dynamic, with new methods and technologies being introduced from time to time. Therefore, our top priority is keeping up with the modern methods and being the pioneers of their use in the Dominican Republic.

We are passionate about our treatments, which translates into the high-quality and precise nature of our treatments. Personalized and comprehensive treatment provision has set us apart from everyone in the dental Dominican Republic sector.

Our Professional Dentist

Meet the people who make Dental Health Punta Cana possible! Our team comprises medicinal experts with experience ranging over several decades. With us, you are always in good hands.

Dra. Dinarda Vargas

Clinic Director

Dra. Nathalie Rodriguez

​Master in Prosthodontics and Implants

Dr. Cesar Bonilla

​Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon
​Implantology and Facial Cosmetics

Dra. Tamara Arias

General Dentist

Dr. Josue De Leon

Implantology and Diploma in
Periodontal Surgery

Dra. Haydee Jorge

General Dentist

More Popular Treatments

Dental Implants

Get affordable dental implant treatments performed by trained professionals at Dental Health Punta Cana.


We offer veneers of many different materials, including porcelain, ceramic and composite veneers.

All on Four

The treatment comes with a 10-year warranty, testifying our service quality to the maximum.


We offer both Zirconium, Graphene, Porcelain and other types of crowns for the treatment.

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