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Are your teeth roots in need of replacement? Consider reaching out to Dental Health Punta Cana today for excellent dental implant treatment at the most affordable prices. Patients prefer our affordable dental implants globally, especially from the US and Canada. Consider the details of our treatments further, and feel free to reach out if any information is required. We are always there to help you out!

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What is Periodontics Treatment?

Human gums are vulnerable to a lot of diseases. However, a few of them are as concerning as periodontics. This serious gum infection can lead to excessive teeth and bone damage, often leading to the teeth falling off in the long term if the condition isn’t treated well. Through early treatment of periodontics at Dental Health Punta Cana, you can avoid such damage and even reverse the damage that has already occurred to your teeth through recovery. The main stage of Periodontics that Dental Health Punta Cana cures are as follows:

You may be diagnosed first with gingivitis or the inflammation of your gums. Usually, this condition is the starting phase of periodontics and can lead to progression in the future. The main cause of gingivitis is a bacterial buildup in your mouth. Correcting the issue is the easiest, as any damage to your gums or teeth is still reversible.

Here, the gums start to slowly recede from your teeth. Here, the cavities and small gaps that are created can start bacterial buildup, leading to tissue damage in your teeth.

Bleeding and Pain may occur excessively and often lead to gum recession. In many cases, the inflammatory condition can spread throughout your body and may cause other similar conditions as well.

You need to get the treatment as soon as possible at this stage. Otherwise, there is a concrete chance of your teeth falling out completely. Also, many people suffer from foul mouth smell that may cause serious social discomfort.

Periodontics Treatment Process

Are you thinking of getting your periodontics treated at Dental Health Punta Cana? Consider the following details of how the treatment process progresses.

First, our team of dentists will suggest methods of reducing bacterial buildup in your mouth in the form of different ointments and products that can help keep your mouth clean. Advice may be provided on using different brushes that can help keep your mouth cleaner.

Our dentists will focus on plaque removal in this phase. Here, teeth are polished, and the roots are cleaned internally through deep cleaning methods. The main focus is to avoid bacterial buildup completely. Plus, we may use fluoride to treat teeth that have received excessive damage.

Our team suggests using different antibiotics and related medicinal products that can help reduce the infection that has already occurred in your mouth. Options such as gel and mouthwash are suggested for the same purpose.

In some cases, periodontics in the advanced stage may require surgical treatment. Such surgeries are performed tactfully here at Dental Health Punta Cana. Our team ensures that everything is cleaned properly, and the gums are placed back in their original position to remove any gaps between the teeth.

What is Endodontics Treatment?

The commonly known name for this treatment is root canal treatment. Generally, any infection in the center of a patient’s tooth springs from issues with the root canal. Here, the treatment helps protect the teeth that may have to be removed otherwise. Different situations where endodontics treatment may be required are as follows:

Tooth decay can occur due to age, oral hygiene, eating habits, and oral infections. Generally, tooth decay exposes the inner part of your teeth, causing them to contract more infections than usual. A root canal treatment can help protect the teeth in this case.

Sometimes, getting a filling treatment may result in leakage, which must be treated to reduce discomfort and protect your teeth.

 Accidents, bumps, severe impact, and falls can lead to internal teeth damage. In such cases, a root canal treatment is required to ensure your teeth can recover well and stay firmly in place.

Endodontics Treatment Process

Our team performs the endodontics treatment carefully and planned manner to ensure that the best results are achieved for our client.

First, the tooth with the problem is diagnosed through formal methods like percussion tests, radiographs, endo sprays, and pulp testers. Then, we access the teeth by opening the pulp’s chamber.

Once the inner part of the tooth is accessible, the dentist will remove the nerve and pulp in the teeth. Both hand tools and machinery may be used based on the case’s complexity. After the removal, the canal is treated thoroughly, and different chemicals are used in the process.

Everything has to be dried to ensure that the teeth of the patient can return to their natural appearance. Everything must be sealed backs. Filling follows next, which can be completed through various methods based on the case complexity and the patient’s preference.

The final part is the time it takes to restore the teeth. Usually, we may provide a temporary bridge or crown to support the teeth in the meantime.

Benefits of Endodontics

Consider the benefits of the endodontics treatment to determine if it is the suitable route for your dental issue’s solution.

The treatment itself is completely painless. Any pain felt by the patient may arise from an underlying condition or infection. Consequently, people who fear dental procedures due to the pain they cause can still feel comfortable with endodontics treatment.

Endodontics treatments are highly affordable here at Dental Health Punta Cana. Getting yourself treated offers long-lasting results and can benefit you greatly.

Your visual appearance can enhance greatly as the treatment provides a natural look to your teeth. Improve your smile considerably by opting for our endodontics treatment. Benefits of Periodontics Treatment There are many benefits of getting your periodontics condition treated here at Dental Health Punta Cana.

Gums are a huge contributing factor to how graceful and attractive your smile looks. Consider getting periodontal therapy to return your natural look, remove gum damage and get a smile that catches attention.

One key issue that can cause social concern is having persistent halitosis or bad breath. With your gum disease sorted through periodontal therapy, regain your fresh breath and feel good about yourself.

Dentists must thoroughly inspect your teeth before performing a periodontal surgery. Therefore, any other health concerns or oral health issues can be easily identified and mediated through the process.

Receding gums can cause tartar buildup that may lead to many dental problems. With our periodontal therapy, the tartar is removed, protecting you from the development of further oral health issues.

Why Choose Dental Health Punta Cana for General Dentistry Services

Despite having to travel, clients from the US, Canada, and all across the world happily arrive at Dental Health Punta Cana to get themselves treated for both endodontics and periodontics issues. Consider the reasons why people worldwide prefer our treatments over other local alternatives:

All our general dentistry treatments are performed through modern treatment methods using the highest quality machinery and equipment. Therefore, the treatment quality and results are always optimal.

Each dentist working here at Dental Health Punta Cana puts their heart and soul into offering the best treatment to every client. They have the necessary skills, experience, and insight to get the job done perfectly.

For most clients, similar treatment options in their own countries cost considerably more than getting treated at Dental Health Punta Cana here in the Dominican Republic. Plus, we offer transport to and from the clinic to our international patients.

The prices we charge for our dental implant treatments are significantly lower than those in the US and Canada. Therefore, many people prefer getting dental implants at Dental Health Punta Cana.

We form a long-term relationship with our patients, offering them the best service quality over time. For us, you are like family. Reach out to us today and share details about the treatments you require: our team is there to get it done for you.

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