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Looking for a way to enhance your appearance, reverse the effects of aging and look the best version of yourself? Consider reaching out to Dental Health Punta Cana today for our complete range of facial cosmetic surgeries. Our maxillofacial surgeon can offer high-end treatments for all the neck-up issues related to facial cosmetics. Therefore, Dental Health Punta Cana offers a complete range of facial cosmetic surgeries as part of our one-stop clinic for all requirements.

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What Are Facial Cosmetic Surgeries?

Facial cosmetic procedures help improve your look and appearance and reverse the effects of aging by working on specific areas of your face. There is a range of people who can benefit from such procedures in particular:

Many times, facial damage may occur on different components of your facial skin due to accidents, fire hazards, or other similar situations. In such cases, the regular treatments administered help reduce the risk of infection or exasperation of the issue. However, facial cosmetic surgeries become a mandatory requirement to ensure that your original, beautiful look is completely returned. Therefore, people suffering from such a situation can get their facial looks repaired through facial cosmetic surgeries.

Many people want to look differently from your current appearance. For example, people suffering from the effects of aging may want to look young as before. Similarly, some people are not happy with their current facial components. They may want changes to meet the preferred look for themselves. Therefore, we offer complete facial cosmetic surgeries to help in such cases.

It is important to consider the next section to determine the different facial cosmetic treatments we provide in detail before you make your decision about the surgeries.

Botox Treatment

Botox injections are common facial cosmetic surgeries that people administer to reduce the impact of wrinkles on their faces. However, apart from wrinkles, the same treatment is the cure for many other conditions such as excessive sweating, neck spasms, and overactive bladders. There are many different situations in which Botox Treatment can help our patients:

Many people face considerable issues when their neck muscles contract during head movements, making it difficult to turn their heads at any point. Botox offers an effective treatment option in such situations.

Have you ever noticed someone with one eye appearing to be half-closed? Usually, imbalance in the eye muscles is why such issues occur, which can be solved by Botox treatment.

Sometimes, people may notice hyperhidrosis on their face in normal conditions where the temperature is normal. Such a condition requires treatment to avoid exasperation in the future.

Twitching or contracture in eye muscles is a common symptom of age. With proper Botox treatment, such a condition can be administered perfectly.

Benefits of Botox Treatment

People considering Botox treatment have many important benefits that can be derived from the administration of the procedure. Knowing these benefits can help you make an informed decision:

Many visible signs of aging like wrinkles and other facial issues can be reversed or completely hidden with Botox treatment. If you love remaining forever young, Botox is a suitable option for you.

Crossed eye or lazy eye can be a huge discomfort for many people. In extreme cases, it can cause regular migraines as well. Consider getting yourself treated with Botox to remove these issues completely.

Muscle tension and neck joint pain can disrupt your regular activities. Many people cannot follow routine life tasks due to the same issue. Therefore, consider getting Botox treatment to solve the problem completely and permanently.

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Botox Treatment Process

Usually, the procedure for each Botox treatment can vary considerably based on the individual patient’s requirements. However, a tentative general process followed in most situations is as follows:

It is important to numb the skin before the procedure is administered. Our surgeon may use many different methods based on the specific treatment requirements here. For example, ice and vibration or local anesthetic procedures may be used on-site.

The injections are administered within our surgeon’s office here at Dental Health Punta Cana. To ensure the effective provision, only very small amounts of the toxin are injected into the skin at any time. The number of injections and the frequency with which they need to be administered is based on many different aspects of the treatment, including the extent of the problem at hand.

Usually, our surgeon will advise you to avoid touching your face or the treated area for at least 24 hours. Rubbing or massaging the site is prohibited as it can spread the toxin or seep out. Once the procedure is completed, all other regular activities can be performed as usual.


Getting a youthful look is one of the prime concerns for most people as they age. Fortunately, Dental Health Punta Cana can help with the problem by providing you exceptional filler treatment to correct many age-related issues. Generally, facial lines and wrinkles are reversed through the procedure. However, there is a complete list of issues that can be treated with fillers:

Wrinkles on the skin are common due to the loss of collagen in the skin. IT can make you look older before time if the wrinkles start to appear early. Get wrinkles treated by Dental Health Punta Cana through filler treatment.

Usually, fine lines appear on the skin as it loses elasticity and becomes drier. Plus, thinning the skin is a huge cause of fine lines.

Acne is one of the most common skin issues. However, even when the acne spots aren’t visible, such skin is prone to scarring. A few scratches can occur naturally and cause serious skin damage.

Usually called Glabellar Lines, furrowed skin appears on your forehead and between your eyebrows. If the condition exasperates, it can make you appear a lot older than your age.

All these issues can be corrected by proper filler treatment. With Dental Health Punta Cana, you can get the right treatment at the most affordable prices. Consider coming to the Dominican Republic today and ensure your long-term youthful looks.

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Filler Treatment Process

Filler treatment is performed step-by-step to ensure that the final results are optimal and offer the best value to the client.

Our surgeon will first evaluate your current facial look and appearance to determine if the skin tone and other areas match the requirements of the filler treatment. During the same process, strategic photographs are taken to ensure that the application of fillers is made at the right spots. The skin tone is also considered at this stage.

The next step involves anesthetizing the site and ensuring it is fully cleaned to avoid any impurities entering the skin. Local anesthetics may be used to numb the area. The injections can be easily tolerated despite the minor discomfort that they cause.

Usually, only a few moments are required to administer the injection. However, if deemed necessary additional filler is added to ensure effective results. The entire process, on average, takes between a quarter to an hour.

After the results have been achieved, the next focus is to reduce the swelling and ensure no discomfort to the patient. We follow up on our patients in a day or two to check if everything is okay with the treatment site.

Benefits of Filler Treatment Filler Treatment

Filler treatments offer a wide range of benefits. Considering this, facial cosmetic surgery is a great option in several conditions.

Elastin and collagen production is increased in your skin. Naturally, these components start to reduce as you age, which may increase the effects of wrinkles and other issues on your skin. Feel younger with filler treatment.

Most facial cosmetic surgeries take considerable time before noticeable results occur. However, the same does not apply to filler treatment. Instead, the results are almost immediate in most cases.

This surgery has the lowest risk of accidents or issues with the treatment itself that can damage your look. Enhance your confidence by taking an assured treatment that is long-lasting and beneficial.

The scars on your face can soften and become almost impossible to notice with filler treatment. The biggest benefit here is that the recovery time of the treatment is very low as well. You are set to get back to routine life soon after the treatment is over.

Cheek Implants

Cheek implants also referred to as cheek augmentation, are inserted inside the cheeks to enhance the look of your cheekbones. Usually, it is used to make the cheeks look fuller and complete. Generally, people prefer this treatment to look young and attractive. There are three main types of cheek implants:

Such implants are placed right on your cheekbones that help to ensure the maximum projection for your check.

Submalar implants help ensure that the sunken appearance is cured, and cheeks appear more rounded and fuller.

Combined cheek implants are the preferred approach when the appearance has to be enhanced and make the cheeks look fuller.

Cheek implants are usually suitable for young people who need a permanent solution for their cheek looks. However, the procedure is performable for people of all ages without any problems. In some cases, damage to the facial structure during an accident or other problems can be the underlying reason why someone would need a cheek implant.

Cheek Implants Process

Generally, cheek augmentation is performed in a standard manner, utilizing specific steps to ensure successful completion of the procedure:

The surgeon may consider anesthetics or other similar options to ensure minimal discomfort during the performance of the procedure. Sedation is used in most cases where surgery requires more time and covers a significant area.

It is important to remove an area of the cheek to apply the implants. Usually, taking out a fatty part of the cheek is common. However, the surgeon can variate the process on a case-by-case basis. During this step, the implants are placed on the required areas of the skin.

The skin has to be closed properly to ensure that it can heal with time and the natural outlook of the skin can be returned. Usually, the procedure ends here. However, the process may require significant recovery time due to the complexity of the procedure.

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Benefits of Cheek Augmentation Surgery

Cheek augmentation surgery offers a range of benefits to the patient. Consider some of the biggest benefits of the treatment below:

Many models and actresses need to look the best to ensure exceptional success in their careers. Cheek contouring improvements through cheek implants can be the key to such looks.

With proper implants inserted at the right spots, your cheek’s appearance can help support the overall look, making your face look slimmer and more attractive.

Undereye Are Smoothens with age, the area under your eyes can become rough and wrinkly. Getting cheek augmentations relaxes the skin and gives you a better eye appearance.

Chin liposuction is also termed double chin surgery. People suffering from double chins may have to take a range of different approaches to help solve the issue and make their necks look naturally younger and tighter. Here, the main part of the surgery involves chin liposuction, which removes excess fat from underneath your chin. Liposuction is performed through specialized equipment that can help complete the procedure in minimal time, offering the best results.

The scars on your face can soften and become almost impossible to notice with filler treatment. The biggest benefit here is that the recovery time of the treatment is very low as well. You are set to get back to routine life soon after the treatment is over.

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Benefits of Chin Liposuction

Chin Liposuction is one of the most sought facial cosmetic procedures due to the range of benefits to the client. Check the outcome of the prime benefits of the procedure below.

The extra fat under your chin is one of the hardest fat deposits to remove naturally. It can take years of exercise to get it removed naturally. With chin liposuction, the gat gets removed in minimal time.

A huge issue with most facial cosmetic surgeries is their invasive nature. They can leave behind serious scars that may not heal with time. However, the case is different with chin liposuction as only minimal invasion is required.

Your jawline improves considerably when the extra fat under your skin gets removed. Plus, a tighter neck is less likely to depict serious wrinkles.

Lip Lifting

Sometimes, people are concerned about the space between their nose and top lip. Therefore, getting a lip lifting treatment offers them a great method to improve their look and meet their preferred style. We offer a range of different types of lip lifts:

Gullwing lip lift offers a defined border to your lips.

This procedure is commonly used, and it requires an incision in most cases

Central lip lifting involves removing some skin from the face permanently

here, two incisions are performed to ensure that the detailing of the nose is perfect. However, no noticeable scar is left.

Procedure for Lip Liftingt

The lip lifting procedure may require considerable preparation and procedural steps to ensure optimal results.

Usually, eating and smoking are completely avoided around 6 hours before the surgery. At the same time, blood-thinning medications are not used.

The surgery itself takes minimal time. Local anesthesia is given to reduce the chances of any complications. The pain can be very intense in some cases. However, it is mostly bearable easily.

It may take a few weeks to recover fully from the surgery, especially if a large part of the skin has been removed. However, most people recover a lot faster.

Lip lifting is known to improve appearance and help give you a catchy appearance that will grace the eyes of anyone who looks at you. In cases where there has been facial damage, lip lifting can reduce the impacts of the damage and make your face look more natural. Finally, lip lifting is also a method of improving the contouring of your face and making your nose look more attractive.


Cosmetic ear surgery or Otoplasty is a common ear procedure that helps change the size, position, and shape of the year per the patient’s requirements. There may be damage to the ears at birth or due to an accident in some cases. In such cases, Otoplasty is the most effective solution for the patient. Generally, the procedure has to be performed with utmost care to avoid any complications, so people prefer Dental Health Punta Cana over other options.

Procedure for Otoplasty

The following procedure is followed for the successful completion of the Otoplasty. Before the Administration First, local anesthesia or sedation may be administered to ensure that the procedure does not cause serious discomfort. In excessive procedures, sedation may be preferred

Incisions may be required both inside and on the back of your ears during the procedure. Any excess skin or cartilage will be removed as well.

Bandages re-applied initially to protect and support the incision sites after the procedure has been administered. Headbands are used to avoid rolling on your ears.


Otoplasty can help reshare your years and provide them a natural look if they have been damaged during an accident. For people who have naturally have has ear issues since the start, otoplasty is the best option to get the best look for themselves. Finally, otoplasty ensures that permanent changes occur, and you don’t require constant administration of procedures to maintain the changes.


Drop eyelids are a huge concern as age increases. In many cases, they can become a safety concern during driving and performing routine tasks. Usually, as our age increases, our eyelids stretch, causing the muscles that support the eyes to weaken. However, with Blepharoplasty, excessive skin and fat are removed to ensure that the remaining muscles can easily hold the eyes into position, helping to cure the droopy eyelid issue. Dental Health Punta Cana offers exceptional Blepharoplasty services, which can help reduce the sagginess on your skin.

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Blepharoplasty Treatment Process

Usually, the treatment is conducted in an outpatient setting at our clinic at Dental Health Punta Cana. The procedure followed in most cases is given below for your consideration.

Usually, IV infusions and medications are administered before the procedure to help you feel relaxed and ensure that the area is numb enough that no pain is felt during the procedure. Without numbness, the procedure itself can be very painful in extreme cases.

The upper eyelid is worked first to cut the fold completely, and any excess skin is removed. After the upper eyelid work is completed, the lower eyelid fat is redistributed to make the eyes look even. Finally, the cut is closed.

Usually, watering eyes and light sensitivity may be experienced that can cause blurred vision for some tie after the procedure. You may have to stay in our recovery room for some time before you can move back and enter your daily life routines.

Benefits of Blepharoplasty

The procedure can help reduce the sagginess of your eyes and give you a younger look. At the same time, it can help repair any eye damage caused by an accident or any other safety hazards. This procedure helps older people perform their daily life activities a lot better than before.


Oral fat becomes a concern for people if it damages their appearance. The procedure helps to remove the Hollywood Cheek issue that can make your cheekbones and jawline more defined and slim looking. Usually, it is preferred where the client wants a more sculpted look and better definition for their facial features. Usually, the most suitable age group for the treatment are people in their 20s and 30s. However, it can be performed on older people as well. Dental Health Punta Cana does not recommend performing the procedure for younger people as they are still developing their facial features.

Procedure for Bichectomy

Consider the steps that are used in a usual Bichectomy treatment below:

First, local anesthesia is applied on the site of the procedure. Here, the focus is to ensure that the actual procedure causes minimal discomfort for the patient.

The fat is removed by first placing a small incision on the cheek and then pressuring the fat to be removed from that place. Usually, the incision is very small to avoid leaving a noticeable scar.

Usually, other procedures may have to be performed for the complete results, including Botox treatment.

Benefits of Bichectomy

The procedure helps to remove oral fat and make you look younger with slimmer and more defined looks.

Why Choose Dental Health Punta Cana for Facial Cosmetic Surgeries?

Dental Health Punta Cana has made a name for the facial cosmetic surgeries we administer. Over the years, our focus has been to ensure that all surgeries provide the best results per the customers’ requirements. This dedication to result-driven treatment has earned us huge respect and admiration for our patients. Some of the biggest reasons to consider getting your facial cosmetic surgery performed at Dental Health Punta Can include:

We have the newest market equipment available that can help offer the best results for facial cosmetic surgeries. Additionally, we import modern equipment from first-world countries to ensure that our procedures are on par with the best treatments you can receive around the world.

Our current surgeon working on all facial cosmetic surgeries has considerable experience and skills. Plus, all the necessary certifications and requirements to provide such services are also met.

Facial cosmetic surgeries can be very expensive in most areas. On the other hand, getting yourself treated at Dental Health Punta Cana reduces the expenses significantly, bringing the treatment within the grasp of most people.

Consider reaching out to us today to get useful insights about the treatments we provide and then make an informed decision.

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