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Good Teeth

Specialty that is responsible for correcting dental malformations and malocclusions. There are several types of orthodontics, such as rubber band metal braces, self-ligating metal braces, rubber band ceramics, self-ligating ceramic, sapphire, and invisalign.


Once we have placed the appliances (either Invisalign, transparent, ceramic or metallic brackets), the movement of the teeth begins to generate progressive changes in the patient’s smile.


A specialized evaluation is made with the orthodontist, measurements of the arches are taken, it is documented with photographs and radiographic studies (panoramic and cephalometry) are carried out, the type of brackets that the patient is going to use is indicated, the alignment and leveling is carried out at the place the brackets, the correction of the bite and space closures, at the end the appliances are removed and it is concluded with the placement of retainers.


A great smile without dental malformations and malocclusions.

``The Dental Spa, grateful and satisfied for the attention and professionalism offered by all its collaborators, recommended 100%.``

Juan José Marte